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Showing Proof of 
Sir Francis Drake's Fort Location

Clarifying a Big Part of California History 

For several hundred years. historians have debated the long-standing controversy of the official Sir Francis Drake landing site. Most believe Sir Francis Drake landed on the northern California coast, but others say indications put him arriving somewhere else, such as Oregon, Alaska, or British Columbia. No one has ever been able to find the fort he built in 1579.

As a first edition California history book, Drake's Bay: Unravelling California's Great Maritime Mystery reveals concrete evidence that proves the mysterious fort does exist and is located near Bodega Bay. The story of this book has appeared on the History Channel™ and Discovery Channel™, as well as on the news. It's a must-read for archaeologists, historians, university scholars, and anyone interested in maritime history.


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About the Author

Written by Kelleher, Drake's Bay: Unravelling California's Great Maritime Mystery discusses in great detail where exactly Sir Francis Drake anchored in California and built a stone fort. San Jose, California, author Kelleher has more than 26 years of writing experience and believes his book should become a piece of California history as the final resolution of this long-standing controversy. He recommends including it in the historical section of all library collections.



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